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 Rules of The Game

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PostSubject: Rules of The Game   Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:56 pm

General rules:
1 keep cursing to a minimum
2 don't be a jerk to fellow members
3 if an admin or a mod tells you to do something do it
4 no racist or sexist comments
5 have fun

General RP Rules:
1 starter posts must be at least one hundred words long (for every one in the topic whether you enter in the beginning or some where in the middle)
2 keep battles logical. if you are a genin going up against a high chunin or jonin your gunna get screwed
3 don't G-mod a fight or say you hit some one, they will decide if you hit or not. but within that a moderator or admin will be monotoring your posts during fights, if they see an illogical dodge or evasion you will be punished in one way or another
4 all templates must be followed and will be adressed i9n a timely manner do not pester the administration to approve stuff
5 all new jutsu must be approved and then before it can be used in battle you must post a three hundred word training post showing you developing the jutsu.
6 to advance in rank past chunin you have to apply in the hokage tower for advancement
7 all chaacters must start as a genin unless there has been a writtenn admin aproval other wise
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Rules of The Game
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