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PostSubject: Story Line   Story Line Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 10:03 pm

In the land of shinobi there is one legend that has become even greater than even the sage of six paths; that of the great Naruto the Demon Tamer. At the end of the fourth ninja world war he brought the five great Allied nations out victorious by defeating the demon Madara and his little puppet Sasuke. He sealed away the ten demons into the statue of ten eyes and became the youngest Hokage in the villages history. He reigned for the better part of a century before passing on. Under his reign the nations enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity never seen before in the entire history of the world.

But now only fifty years after his death the seal around the demon statue is beginning to weaken and the chakra of the ten vile beasts is beginning to leak out of the statue and manifest itself in strange ways, possessing people or animals and forcing them to viciously attack their village before the demonic chakra ultimately killed him.

How will the world deal with all ten biiju without the power of Senju Harashima to suppress them or the power of the great demon tamer Naruto to seal them away?

Well my friend that is for you to decide!
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Story Line
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