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 Tsuchigumo no Sato

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PostSubject: Tsuchigumo no Sato   Tsuchigumo no Sato Icon_minitimeTue Sep 07, 2010 5:57 pm

The Tsuchigumo Village is the village of the Tsuchigumo clan. The village is led by Hotaru's uncle, the Tsuchigumo chief. This village is composed of the members of the Tsuchigumo clan who refused to follow En no Gyōja to Mount Katsuragi, and consquently denied the Tsuchigumo clan kinjutsu. They were made into pawns by the Magaki Group who sought the kinjutsu.

When Team Yamato brings Hotaru back to the Tsuchigumo Village, the people of the village aren't pleased to see her again. The chief approaches them seemingly happy to see Hotaru's return to the village. As Team Yamato leaves, he takes Hotaru to a room to rest, only to lock her in there with the Magaki group who is after the Tsuchigumo clan Kinjutsu. After Hotaru escapes the ninja bandits and they follow her, Naruto returns to the village and asks the chief what happened. He tells Naruto that the village has yet to begin their search for Hotaru, so Naruto and his team go search for her.

They later appear as a zombie-like horde, used by the Magaki group as cannon-fodder against Sakura, Sai, Yamato, Naruto and the 6-Tail Jinchuriki. When the two Jinchuriki elect to go on ahead, Sai, Yamato and Sakura hold both them and the Magaki Group off.

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Tsuchigumo no Sato
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