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 A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon))

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Amaya Kiyome

Amaya Kiyome

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A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon)) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon))   A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon)) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 1:30 pm

Amaya was able to observe this for just a moment before the scythe extended towards her, her water tendrils—as there were many she sent at him in her previous attack—connected it its blade in a strange looking manner. It was apparent there either there was some type of invisible portal that allowed it to consume so much matter without the slightest hindrance of movement and there was an apparent gluttonous nature of its pull. However, why didn’t the entire lake spring towards the blade at once then? Amaya could only conclude that the scythe’s ability to pull was not powerful enough to take in miles worth of water at once. An interesting idea had hit her, but first she needed to avoid the scythe.

Feeling the gravitational pull start to erupt on the tendril she rested on, she forced it to pull back with her charka—fighting against the scythe until she was forced to leaped from the water and onto the land, away its horizontal swing. Now they both stood on separate mountains, Amaya once again close to the middle of the lake. However, due to the scythes length, it should have been hindered from making flexible moments in additional to its limited movements of up, down and to the side as most scythes were.

The lake water closest to Senko shot up in a large geyser like tendril in a powerful force. With the blade’s pull, the rush of water would be forced to alter slightly towards the blade, but Amaya wasn’t going to let her water be influenced so easily, she retained the force, the condensed water flying up and to the side in an awkward matter until it would strike the staff at its weakest, middle point. The water was thicker than the staff so some would pass by it, but this water was immediately invert to charge down on the staff to produce a tension between the water going up and the water going down. Whether made from steel or titanium, Amaya placed enough force to ensure that the staff was going to either one: bend is hollow or two: break if whole. If for some reason staff was not forced to break under the tension, if Senko didn’t have konfu grip, that staff was flying from his hands. Amaya pegged Senko an agile person, not a muscle person—against the scythes length and her water pressure, Amaya didn’t think he could hold onto the weapon, but she had been wrong before. Conclusion jumping wasn’t her thing.

If this wasn’t enough, perhaps the two additional tendrils charging at his back would be. When the scythe extended, it would have to pass her six guarding tendrils of water in order to reach the seventh in which she stood on, as they began to suck into the blade, Amaya ceased her influence them—allowing her to create new ones without increasing the amount of charka lost at a time. She angled the water so that it would be in line with the blade but with Senko blocking the path. This meant, although her tendrils would not be as fast due to Amaya breaking her meditative state when she jumped, the pull of the blade would make up for this speed. Amaya intention was to make the tendrils be suck into the blade, but pierce Senko in the process. Note, with Amaya’s ability to control several tendrils at once, this was done simultaneously.

However, Amaya was running out of charka more quickly now that her meditative state was broken. She would have to initiate her ultimate plan in the next turn lest she didn’t have the energy to do so anymore.
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Senko Ryu Kamori
Senko Ryu Kamori

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A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon)) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon))   A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon)) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 5:28 pm

The strike upon the scythe would not break it, it was not made of metal. It was a jointed structure of muscle and bone, it was the spine of a once great beast, and the impact of the water would change everything. In this extended state it was more of a lashing weapon than anything else, which meant it wasn't nearly as rigid as Amaya was assuming. The impact of the water would cause the bend in the staff due to the arc generated by the swing, to deepen, and ultimately the weapon would go limp. This would effectively prevent the weapon from completing its swing and would result in Amaya's jump being all for naught. Ah what a wonderful and versatile weapon the marquis was though, and with change came adaption. Senko would spin into the weapon moving forward causing the staff to wrap around his body, numerous blades jutting from its vertebra like segments. The weapon would be drawn into his form, the muscles retracting to speed up the process. Now the numerous smaller blades would act in the same manner as the primary blade, though on a slightly smaller scale due to their smaller size. The benefit though was the increased bodily coverage. The weapon would effectively cover the majority of Senko's body and the numerous blades on it that the tendrils of water would now have to pass through or around, or over would prove quite difficult for Amaya. If she could even see the exact location of the blades she'd have a hard as hell time making all of the tendrils avoid them. Especially the tendrils moving towards Senko's back, since he was effectively wrapped in a blanket of them. Of course there was another reason for this defense.

Not to far away from Amaya's landing point Senko's shadow clone would emerge from the shade of a rock, his hands held in a single seal. With little warning the sky would darken, shadows would elongate, and an unnatural rain would begin to bombard to the field. The negative chakra which had been feeding this jutsu had caused all aspects of the cloud and the water which composed it and now fell from it to become highly negatively ionized. Suddenly the clone would explode, and as he did a shock wave of positive charka would be carried out across the battlefield positively ionizing everything that it came in touch with.

Regardless of if Amaya was ready for it or not, Senko was initiating his final attack. A flash of white, all sound would be lost, shadows completely vanishing, a single bolt fell. Massive arcs of electricity burst from its side dancing across the whole of the battle field, its from struck where the shadow clone had been. yet the tendrils of pure lightning danced across everything that had been positively ionized. As the primary bolt struck the ground it pierced through working its way through the mountain, cleaving it. The massive force would make the whole structure of the mountain shake, and all of the loose rocks would crumble away triggering several land slides. The water which existed around them would become electrified, and the unstable nature of the chunk of rock they battled upon would become ever evident as spouts of magma would begin to burst from the ground. Even if Amaya survived the shock, avoid being electrocuted, or deep fried by the 10,000 degrees of heat put off by the bolt. Even if the thunderous roar that would follow immediately after the bolt didn't blow her into spouting magma or boiling water. EVEN if the bolts of lightning somehow didn't travel through the water tendrils to her, or weren't attacked to her wet persona since tendrils had been holding and supporting her, and even if some how while jumping through the air she managed to land on a safe bit of ground that hadn't given away to a lava spout..... she would find herself in a whole new battlefield.

“My conscience hath a thousand tongues, and every tongue brings in several tales, and every tale condemns me for a villain." A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon)) - Page 2 38343
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A Fight to the Death, Water vs Shadows. ((Non-canon))
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