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 story line part two

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PostSubject: story line part two   story line part two Icon_minitimeMon Jun 28, 2010 11:07 am

It has been three months since the battle at grass country. the five great clans have begun preparing for the battles to come by readying their demon users. of each great clan there are three users of the demon form. Taku, Kuzon, and Idaku are the goat masters of the Kenpan clan. The Owls of the Hyuuga, the simion of the Sarutobi. The Cheeta of the Senju, and the dragon of the kamori clan. together these five clans will protect their home and the surrounding lands.

The Father of the Voxyn has not been seen since the attack at grass but many more of his children have. Abyss seems to have faded into darkness, but knonha is always on alert waiting for him to strike again. unkown to konoha there is a horde of Voxyn headed straight for them what will they do?

With Shinn presumed dead there are only two cheata left to fight off this strange puppet master. how will knoha fare? that is up to you!

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story line part two
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