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 Kenpan Clan

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PostSubject: Kenpan Clan   Kenpan Clan Icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 12:06 am

Clan Name: [Kenpan]

Clan Traits: All Kenpan clan members have silver or white hair and a natural affinity for fire or earth and all specialize in some form of weaponry.]

Kekkei Genkai: [Kenpan clan members have the ability manipulate metal. This manifests itself in one of three ways within clan members. They can either create it from outside their body using the earth and fire chakra they have as a conduit in creating it, they can create it on or out of their body transforming their skin or hair into metal or they have a dojutsu that allows them to see and act upon any weakness in a weapon. It is never a combination of them, each clan member has only one of these abilities although every clan member has the ability to manipulate or change the form of any existing metal around them.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: metal manipulation
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E-D (depending on how complex the manipulation)
Element: earth/ fire
Description: the jutsu is pretty self explanatory. Using the clans special ability a Kenpan is able to bend, fold, move and otherwise manipulate existing metal. A piece of metal can only be manipulated within the bounds of its own volume meaning that if you have a cube of metal that is four inches on every side you only have twelve inches of metal to play with. A beginning user (Kenpan children are taught this technique the year before they become genin, sort of a rite of passage) can only use this on metal that he is within a foot of, or is physically touching, and the farther it is from you the more chakra it takes to manipulate the item. As you master the technique you can use it at greater and greater distances though the same restrictions still apply with the best results being direct contact with the item you are manipulating.

Name: steel creation
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E-S depending on how large and how stable the item being created is
Element: Earth/Fire
Description: the user creates steel in different forms and shapes from the earth around them. It is limited to a five foot range for a beginning user. This means that within a five foot sphere of influence around the user’s body any stone around them has the potential to become a metal weapon of some sort. This is limited by the same limits as the manipulation technique, since after the initial creation that is what this technique segways into. As a user advances in power and level they can create larger more powerful and complex items. There is also a second set of limitations to this ability a beginner cannot create stable metal, it will have multiple impurities and can break easily. The strength of these metals increase as a Kenpan gets stronger until they have mastered the technique being able to create completely perfect metal. Though again the size of the item can weaken the item. The only other ability they are able to use is to manipulate metal.

Name: body armor
Type: Ninjutsu/ Taijutsu
Rank: E-S depending on the amount of body transformed
Element: Earth/ Fire
Description: the user can transform his skin into metal at the beginning level and go right down to the bone at the master level. A beginner can only transform parts of the body at a time and can only maintain it for fifteen minutes at a time. When they have mastered the technique a Kenpan can also transfigure parts of their body to become weapons of different forms. All of this translates into a style of Taijutsu called the steel fist, which is a blanket statement as every member of the clan develops their own way of fighting based off of this ability. The only other ability a user has is to manipulate metal

Name: The knowing eye
Type: dojutsu
Rank: kekkei genkei
Element: N/A
Description: a very recent addition to the abilities of the Kenpan. In the families who work mainly in the forges an ability has developed in the last three or so generations. A person with this ability is able to see the flaws and multiply or remove them by just looking at them. The down side to this is that the user cannot use any of the other clan traits if they have this ability including the manipulation.

History: The Kenpan originated a few years after the founding of konoha. The clan had always been loyal to the village and its founding members as the weapon smiths and specialists. After a few generations of using chakra to help in the forging the clan members began to naturally exhibit the ability to mold and control metal. It was one not until later years that the clan began to demonstrate the ability to create steel out of the earth surrounding them or to produce metal form their own body this new ability, finally giving them the status of a kekkei genkai clan.

The Kenpan used their ability to become world renowned weapon masters and smiths. They still provide most of the weapons for Kumo ninja and for the civilian community on the land of lightning and their normal armies. They each specialize in one or more forms of weaponry techniques or some form of metal manipulation. In recent years a few members of the clan, mainly from the families of smiths, have developed a dojutsu and have the ability to see and exploit the weak spot in the weapon making defective with just a look. The downside to this clan is the fact that you are only born to have one aspect of the clans special ability, excluding the ability to manipulate already existing metal.

The clan has split into three branches, though each have equal power in clan plastics. The three branches are the smiths, the ninja and the guardians. The members with the ability to just do manipulation, and now the ones with the clan dojutsu, became the smiths. The ones with the ability to create metal became the ninja and the ones with the ability to make their skin metal become guardians. just because the ones known as guardians in the clans aren’t specifically called ninja doesn’t mean they aren’t. the reason they are called the guardian branch is because their ability is mainly defensive until they master it, usually at jounin level. All members of the clan participate in smith work but the branch that is most skilled in creating weapons are those in the smith branch. The clan recently changed it’s symbol to honor those who gained the dojutsu, the new symbol is a replica of what appears in the iris of those with the eye ability.

Clan Details: open just tell me which of the abilities you want.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenpan Clan   Kenpan Clan Icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 12:46 am

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Kenpan Clan
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