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PostSubject: Same-Hire   Same-Hire Icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 9:19 pm

Name: Same-Hire(Shark Fin)
Type: Sword
Description: The sword was once just a regular katana styled sword that Aoiro had trained with. When he began his training in the Koketsu Kenbu (Jaws of Death Sword Dance) style, the sword awoke and changed into the appearance it has today. The sword is Semi-Sentient due to Aoiro awakening the blade with his sword fighting style. The sword was originally made out of steel and had natural steel coloring to it. But after the awakening it turned blue and has what looks like a spike of another blade coming from the tip. Aoiro is not positive what the blade is made of now.

The below is just a sword fighting style. It in no way is the only abilities of the Same-Hire. The actual abilities of the sword are not known to Aoiro at this time. The below abilities are just what comes with the sword fighting style.

Koketsu Kenbu (Jaws of Death Sword Dance)

Style History: Disciples of Koketsu Kenbu like to claim that it is the oldest specialized kenjutsu in Water Country. Its approximate age is unknown, though it is estimated to be close to 1200 years old – researchers have found scrolls containing instructions for training in early versions of the style in sites close to Wanisametoshi, a most fitting conclusion as both the name of the settlement and the techniques of this sword dance pay respects to the mighty shark, lord predator of the sea.

Today, there are only two official schools that teach Koketsu Kenbu. One is in Wanisametoshi itself and open to the general public, though it does not teach the ninjutsu aspects (restricted by the Water Lord to shinobi only). The other lies in Hidden Mist Village, run by a retired elite Jounin, Iwata Hariyo.

Style Description: Koketsu Kenbu places emphasis on strength and speed: strength to execute the various techniques, and speed to do it fast enough to catch the enemy off guard. The style generally teaches slashes that involve a flicking of the wrist, a quick and simple but effective motion that, when learned properly, can give a swordsman that useful surprise momentum in the split second of an attack. Its disciples do not bother with looking graceful. Their purpose in combat is to defeat the enemy with superior skills, nothing more.

The special techniques are meant to be performed on water, though that is not always the case in some situations. And a Koketsu fighter is just as adept at fighting on the sea as he is on land, if not better.

Style Basis: Weapon/Ninjutsu

*Notes: Users of this style are encouraged to learn Water-Walking. It is not a requirement for taking the list, but be forewarned that the special techniques from stages four and up are performed in or on top of bodies of water.

Non-shinobi may take Koketsu Kenbu, but cannot learn the special techniques.

The style requires a bladed weapon that is larger than a wakizashi. Once a stage is learned, the special jutsu weapon moves are also learned. And they are not restricted to having to be in that stage to use them. They can be used as freely as desired.

Stage One
Though a bit faster and stronger than most other shinobi, it is nothing amazing.

Sword Awakening
The user awakens their sword. Making it Semi-Sentient.

Blood taste pursuit
Description: When the sword has the blood of a foe on it, the noted attacks will be homing attacks towards the target.

Stage Two
Speed has increased, though not by much. The strength has increased as well

Same Geigeki (Shark Ambush Attack)
Description: The user concentrates his chakra into the sword and slashes down, hitting the ground and stirring up particles of dust, grass, and dirt. It rises up in a murky cloud shaped like the head of a shark, jaws open and flying towards the enemy. The shinobi hides behind this cloud and uses it to confuse his opponent or make him hesitate. Once close enough, the swordsman is able to execute an attack that has a much higher chance of success. If done on top of water, a cloud of mist is formed instead.
*Blood Taste

Stage Three
The user is can use the style with a bit more ease, capable of inflicting more damage and implementing more speed and strength.

Sameha no Batsu (Sharktoothed Strike)
Description: Using chakra, water is gathered on the edge of the blade in small triangular shapes so that the cutting edge now resembles a row of teeth. When attacking, the user is able to dish out sawing damage, not just slicing damage, and if he scores a direct hit, the water teeth will actually break off and will explode in the enemy‘s body. Causing massive internal damage. New water teeth automatically replace the gaps after each slash.

Stage Four
The speed and strength of the user has increased slightly, but in such a way that now movements are much more efficient, with less wasteful moves. The user’s reaction speed is now more noticeable, allowing the user to dodge and move in a way that is much more effective then before.

Fukahire (Shark Fin)
Description: A two-part technique, performed on top of water. When the user swings, the tip of the blade pierces the top of the water. Using chakra as a magnet, droplets of water follow and attach to the side of the blade, forming a thin film of water with sharp edges that fan out in a triangle. It looks as though a watery shark fin is sitting on the sword’s back. When the user swings again, the fin can be launched at the opponent like a big shuriken. Enough water gathers on the sword to launch 2 water fuma shuriken in succession.
*Blood Taste

Samegawa (Sharkskin)
Description: Performed on top of water. When attacking, the user swings his sword from the surface of the water up, sending a spray of droplets into the air. At the same time, a blade of water rises and flies towards the target, skimming the surface. When the blade connects, it explodes and releases "water shrapnel," sharp and jagged chunks of water held together with chakra, shredding the injured area.
*Blood Taste

Stage Five
The blade is now an extension of the body, something that the user can use like an arm or a leg. While not perfect with the style skills, the user has now learned the simple fact that the straight line is the fastest path to follow. Using this simple principle, the user moves in a series of straight lines that allows him to move up close to the opponent and strike. Speed and power hasn’t increased at all, but it seems as if it has because of the application of this principle. The reaction time of the user, however, has increased again, allowing the user to see and react reflexively to most attacks below his skill level.

Karifuka (Hunting Shark)
Description: Employed only when the shinobi is fighting underwater. This technique allows him to move his attacking arm and swing his sword through water as if the water offered as much resistance as air. In other words, he can move and fight at normal speed when attacking with his blade.

Same Nami (Shark Wave)
Description: Performed on top of water. The user releases chakra from the sword as he swings down in a diagonal cut, then again in a cut perpendicular to the first slash. As the “X” flies towards the target, the chakra picks up water, resulting in what looks like a shark’s head. Attack deals both cutting and blunt damage. The Shark is 5 feet in height and no more than 5 feet wide.

Stage Six
The speed of the user rises dramatically, and is so fast that normal people can barely keep track. The user is now a blur when in motion. The only ninja capable of watching the user are taijutsu specialist of a very high level, and doujutsu users that specifically give them the ability to see/predict movements. However, the user cannot keep up this speed for extended durations because his muscles will slowly begin to tear apart, leaving the user incapable of using them. Ten minutes is about the max. The strength of the user is now at it's limits. Nothing can stop the blade of the user, except for a very few jutsu, weapons, and ninja. Normal steel can be cut through easily. The strength of the user, though, is not used fully correctly, wasting some effort and movement to access the strength of the user. So there is a great strain on the muscles when used too much, and this can stop the user's movements.

Shumokuzame Kyuushuu (Hammerhead Shark Assault)
Description: Similar to Same Nami, except that the “X” takes the form of a hammerhead shark’s head, flat horizontally and is much larger than the original Same. As the attack travels towards the opponent, the shinobi hides behind it and then, just as the head connects with the enemy for blunt damage, the user slashes through the rest of the water from the back of the head for a surprise attack.

Sesshoku Same (Feeding Shark)
Description: Performed from underwater, and usually employed during an ambush. The user swings his sword twice to create an “X”, aiming the attack towards the surface of the water. As the attack travels, it takes on the shape of a shark’s full body, and upon connecting with the target, explodes, knocking the opponent away. The user can also force the water shark to detonate, sending a blast of harsh water in all directions Causing the ’Water Shrapnel’ effect. To detonate the shark, the user simply takes his open palm, and then closes his hand into a fist.

Stage Seven
The user can now move at a speed that is so fast that afterimages are seen instead of the person. This, however, can only be kept up for a short period of time - around five minutes. And afterwards, the user can barely move for a couple of minutes. Also, muscles are ripped, and the user must heal to fight again. There is slight change in the strength and a change on how the strength is used. The user can now control his strength fully, without wasted movements or effort. However, like Stage 6, the muscles can be strained too much and be ripped or even destroyed. The weapons are more then extensions of the body now. The blades are the body. The pure grace and skill within the user is so high that it can only be described as awe-inspiring.

Koketsu no Same (Shark Jaws of Death)
Description: The technique from which the sword style’s name is derived, performed from underwater. The user begins to spin quickly in the water, then slices upwards in an arc, releasing chakra. The chakra gathers water around it in the shape of an enormous shark head as it approaches the target. This time, the shark’s jaws open, and when it breaks the surface of the water, the victim is in the center of the open mouth, and the teeth snap shut. So strong is the force of this technique that it has been known to crunch a man in half.
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