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Senko Ryu Kamori
Senko Ryu Kamori

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A marquess (pronounced /ˈmɑrkwɨs/) or marquis (pronounced /mɑrˈkiː/) (from French "marquis") is a nobleman of hereditary rank in various European monarchies and some of their colonies. The term is also used to render equivalent oriental styles as in imperial China and Japan.

The Marquis is a powerful bone and muscle scythe found in the world of the dead. The weapon is able to expand and contract indefinitely, absorb life force, chakra, blood, energy, and matter which it then stores in a pocket dimension known as Oblivion. In Oblivion all energy and matter are converted into zero point energy where it expands the physical space of the dimension. This energy can be withdrawn later and be utilized by either the scythe or the wielder of the scythe. For every kill that the scythe gets its edge, hardness, and stiffness are dramatically increased. As it stands now the blade is muscularly sharp, as hard as diamonds, with the stiffness and resistance of titanium.

The blade's most unique ability is that of being able to cut through dimensional fabric. At it's current abilities the blade can make small temporary dimensional scars, but it is foreseen that it should be able to make dimensional portals.


Exploding Kunai and Shuriken

Senko now has several kunai and shuriken which are marked with colored tips. The both items are hollow and filled with fuel gel, a highly explosive material with similar properties to napalm. The kunai and shuriken are made up of flint, tungsten, and obsidian. The items explode after delayed impact of roughly 1 second.


Fuel Gel, a highly explosive material which is only stable when it is in a near frozen state. Once the gel reaches a temperature of roughly 80 degrees it explodes. The only way to counter act this is to keep it highly pressurized.

“My conscience hath a thousand tongues, and every tongue brings in several tales, and every tale condemns me for a villain." Senko's Stuff 38343
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Senko's Stuff
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