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 idaku's weapons

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PostSubject: idaku's weapons   idaku's weapons Icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 12:21 am

Name: Kuroi no Ryu (black dragon)
Quantity: 2 (one at home incase the original is broken in battle and one seald in his arm for battle)
Rank: D
the black dragon has a long black metal shaft and blade. In the bottom of the staff part of the weapon there is a compartment where idaku keeps a smoke bomb for quick escape if he needs it. It is about 6 feet long tip to tip and weighs four lbs.
Special Abilities/Characteristics:
Origin: as a rite of passage a Kenpan must make their battle weapon, idaku had trained most of his life with a Naginata, so the choice was pretty obvious. Using his ability to create metal he meditated for days in a stone field finding and drawing out the most perfect minerals for his metal and formed his weapon. Since he hasn’t fully mastered his ability he passed out from chakra exhaustion after making it but it was worth it.

]Name: chain whip
Quantity: 1
Rank: e
Appearance: this is a simple chain whip idaku uses as his first stage weapon. It is about ten feet long and is attached to his left glove and the leather chker around his neck. When he wants to use it he will use his ability to manipulate metal to detach it from the choker and head inot battle. The moment he sees it make contact with a target he will change the links into barbed hooks and let hem stay in the skin detaching them from its length and them scrape the chain along the ground to get back the lost length.
Special Abilities/Characteristics: N/A
Origin: Idaku made this weapon for use while he was in the academy and has stuck with it as his primary weapon, though he is better with a naginata he doesn’t like to reveal it unless he knows he will have to kill the enemy he is facing. The chain is mainly used for enemies he isn’t immediately going to kill.
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PostSubject: Re: idaku's weapons   idaku's weapons Icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 12:45 am

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idaku's weapons
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