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 Aoiro's training.

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Aoiro Jinsoku

Aoiro Jinsoku

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PostSubject: Aoiro's training.   Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:32 pm

Finally. He closed his eyes laying in his own bed. Aoiro had been trying to get to sleep after the long and eventful day he had just encountered with Senko, Rin, and Amaya. But that would all slowly fade away as his mind entered a trance like state in sleep. He was dreaming, of a nice warm beach. He walked out towards the shore, looking up at the sun, then back down towards the waves. He was shirtless, and had on swimming trunks. Nothing else. And with nothing else, what else can you do but sit down and relax? Which is what Aoiro did. He stuck his feet into the water and laid the rest of his body on the warm sand.. Oh so relaxing.

“ Get up. Your training begins. “ A large booming voice was heard, Aoiro’s torso shooting up. His eyes opening with awe. There was the Kraken again. Out in the middle of the water he was JUST looking at. He must be going crazy, he thought. But he would soon be told other wise.

“ Also.. You’re not crazy. This is what happens to members of the Safa clan. “ The large five hundred foot Kraken said, about one hundred feet away. “ You are about to begin the most difficult training of your life. Even more so then the bloody mist training… I’m sure you have loads of questions. But we do not have time to waste discussing little things, I will tell you those during the training… “ The Kraken stopped and peered down towards Aoiro, who sat, dumbfounded. “ .. Alright then. Your training begins. Grab that statue and run till I say otherwise. “ The Kraken lifted one mighty tentacle and pointed towards a stone statue of a man-like fish to Aoiro’s left.

Aoiro turned his head towards the statue, it stood about eight feet tall, four feet wide. Then back towards the Kraken. Mouth open and still dumbfounded by all of this.

“ .. GRAB IT AND RUN NOW. OR DIE! “ a echo and ripple effect came from the Kraken, shooting sand and water everywhere from it.
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Aoiro Jinsoku

Aoiro Jinsoku

Posts : 74
Join date : 2010-06-04
Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Aoiro's training.   Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:53 pm

“ Ugh.. “ The fifteen foot statue seemed like it weights a ton more then what it should. But Aoiro managed. It was actually becoming easier for him. Running all around the mountain and the beach. Also finding out he was on a small island. He was actually about to reach the beach. Running down the trail he would see the giant Kraken. He was still in awe from the giant thing.

When Aoiro had first arrived here, lifting the first eight foot statue was a test on its own. Having the sword training helped him a bunch. Without it, he would of spent a week just trying to lift it. But after he managed that and built up his strength, he then started lifting the statue he was on now. Which that came naturally to him. Taking him no time at all to master. But! To Aoiro’s dismay. The Kraken had told him that this area that they’re in, is controlled by him. Meaning he has control over the gravity of it. And then he doubled it.

Aoiro had to relearn to walk again with this new gravity. After that was done, then he had the same training again. Which he mastered quicker then before. Aoiro wasn’t sure why, but his muscles were rapidly advancing, allowing him to train harder and faster.

Aoiro had finally reached the beach, letting the statue drop off his back onto the sand.

“ AH, Aoiro do I have to tell you every time not to drop it like that! Respect your elders! “ The Kraken boomed his voice towards him.

All Aoiro could do was just breath in and out. “ .. As I said before, I have control over this dimension. Meaning I can manipulate time and gravity as I see fit. I also made it so when muscles train, they keep advancing… Basically, think of your muscles as a ball of clay with multiple colors of clay mashed together. Your muscles will keep what is helping it, and discard whatever is slowing it down. So you’re going to keep and add more of the good colors and toss out the bad ones… “

Aoiro managed to stand and finally speak back. “ I see… That’s why my muscles are so quickly forming like this. “ He said, flexing a little. “ Correct. It also helps that I very slowly keep adding more gravity. We’re probably quadruple the normal gravity that you’re used to. “

Aoiro blinked. He wasn’t sure how to handle such information. Did he really become that much stronger?

“ Few things I need to tell you Aoiro.. “ The Kraken said, again with a booming voice. “ The time you’ve been training here has been one month and two weeks. You just reached the halfway point of tonights training. And those eyes of yours.. Are a gift from me to your people from long ago. Back when you bastards still worshipped me. But now your clan is pretty much down you to rebuild it… I think that’s why your Mizu no Me is so strong. Because normally you’re not supposed to have any of its powers till you train with it. But you were already tapping into its powers the moment after you received it… “

Aoiro blinked again.

“ When your eyes finally unlocked, you were then able to tap into your full power of your chakra. “ The Kraken said, still staring at Aoiro. Who had a flabbergasted look on his face. “ .. Do I have to explain everything to you? It means your Chakra is going to reach its full potential. And since your clan is known to have a very large amount of chakra, you’re probably going to have more chakra then some of those troublesome tailed beasts. “

His mouth dropped, “ More chakra then a tailed beast? Those things have unlimited amounts of chakra! There’s no way. “ Aoiro said still with a puzzled look on his face.

“ Well.. Unless my sensor’s are off.. I think you have a little over half of what the three tailed beast has right now. “

“ What!? When did I get so much chakra! This is amazing! “ Aoiro yelled, then his mind immediately tuning into himself, trying to detect how much chakra he had. He hasn’t had the time to check since he’s been here. The Kraken was right though, he did have a incredible amount of chakra.

“ Also, One more thing with your eyes, cause I’m positive I’m the only one who knows about them now.. They are called Mizu no Me. They look like they have water swirling around inside of them. They allow you to pick up on movements with extreme ease, they allow you to use genjutsu. And they also allow you to be more in tune with water ninjutsu. Its basically going to allow you to use most, if not all water ninjutsu without hand seals. It depends on how much you train with it, Aoiro. It does consume a small amount of chakra when you use it… Wait. Have you turned yours off yet? “

Aoiro stood, a little confused. He didn’t think he could, “ Uh.. You CAN turn it off? I’ve been trying but nothing happens. “

“ .. That’s strange. Never have I had it be so strong in someone that it simply just won’t turn off… What’s happening Aoiro, is that you have been gifted with probably.. The strongest Mizu no Me since I made it. Or at least what I think could be the strongest. I noticed from your chakra depletion that its barely taking any. That’s why I asked..” The Kraken stared at Aoiro, not saying a word for a moment. Aoiro thought it was thinking, but then again, you can’t tell with something that’s five hundred feet tall.

“ Hmm.. Anyways. I’ll think about it more, Aoiro. Something else your eyes can do, is see Chakra. This is a very skilled technique, and usually requires a large amount of training to do.. But from what I’ve gathered from you is that you already have it unlocked as well? “

“ Yes, I remember that when I unlocked it, two friends of mine used a ninjutsu against one another, and I collapsed. “ Aoiro said, nodding to his own words.

“ Well.. Your eyes should be fine now. That’s just a side effect of your brain rewiring itself when you first learn the technique. But after you see it happen a few times, you should be fine. No more information overload. And its good that you already learned it. We can continue onto you learning senjutsu faster! “

“ Senjutsu? “ Aoiro questioned. “ No time to explain it, we already wasted enough time as it is… “ The Kraken moved a large tentacle towards the smaller statue and wrapped itself around it. Then flicked it backwards, up and above the Kraken itself, letting it land into the water behind himself. The Kraken moved off to the side saying,

“ Bring it ashore. NOW! “
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Aoiro's training.
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