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 A journey.

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Rin Suzume

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A journey.  Empty
PostSubject: A journey.    A journey.  Icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 11:39 pm

After a few moments had been spent at the clinic, the med-nin sought her own home. Hues settled on the motionless forms of her parents, aside from the shallow breath that escaped from them, only given by the machines hooked to their bodies, they did not seem alive. The gentle 'beep beep' of the machine that echoed their heart rate was the only thing that cut the silence in the small house. The hardwood floors echoed with her footsteps, hollow as they were as the young woman picked through a pile of scrolls and books that took up nearly the entirety of the East side of the house. Only the beds that the adults resided in ceased the books from going further, and consuming the entirety of it. Earlier, there had been hints that the Kyuubi had been spotted near the Land of Rice. At least, that was the knowledge she had gained from the information tracking. It was likely that the Mizukage knew of this as well, had Rin not been so intrigued by such things, she would not have bothered ot keep track of, however...seeings as how she was interested...it was quite to her advantage.

As the books were riffled through, the young woman withdrew a single scroll, a sinister grin finding her visage. Within the scroll was a sealing technique. One she had not attempted, and the only scroll that she had been able to procure. It contained a seal to lock a creature or person within a jar, until the use of them was needed. Placing the scroll very carefully into a pack, provisions and dried meats and vegetables were set in the pack as well.

Extra Kunai and shuriken followed, along with a small, clay jar with Kanji encircling the entirety of it. A carefully prepped object that had been scavenged from a corpse along with the scroll. Violet hues gave the house one last glance, as the pack was settled onto her back, in place of the Katana, which now settled at her hip. Hues darted to the machines that kept the two bodies alive. A quick movement, and the breathing machines were unplugged.

Rin waited, listening as the heart monitors sped up in distress, before giving that final, long, screeching sound that signified the lack of pulse. Amythest optics settled on the bodies, no remorse, no feeling of loss, no regret shone from them, instead there was only a light smile that dared to touch her visage before her lithe figure turned, and moved out the door.


Whether or not the Mizukage had intentions of following through with the rumors of it or not, Rin did not care. Nor was she concerned, overly, about leaving the village. While she had grown there, and trained there, and called it home, it was not such that she wouldn't leave to pursue a goal. The Kyuubi was an amazing source of chakra, something she lacked.

And thus her journey began, as the gates were crossed.
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A journey.
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