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 Hunt for Kyuubi.

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Rin Suzume

Rin Suzume

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PostSubject: Re: Hunt for Kyuubi.    Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:35 pm

"Carefully." Was all that Rin stated to his comment. "I had...overseen other nin being in the vicinity, to be quite honest. A minor lapse in judgment, I assure you it won't happen again." Her stance had gone somewhat defensive, however, at his comment she only inclined her head.

"Ah, I understand. I'm sorry then, for bringing it up." Her movement, however, didn't pause. No, she wasn't going to pry, it wasn't her place. His hatred of Konoha really had no value to her, unless she could find a reason that it would become valuable. As it were, she had no desire to alienate Aoiro, not if he was there to assist her.

"In any case, as far as the Kyuubi goes, let's just say...I have my methods, unorthodox as they may be." Rin offered a light smile. "As it is, let's get there first, and worry about the rest after that, hm?" A gentle bounce was given to her step.
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Aoiro Jinsoku

Aoiro Jinsoku

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PostSubject: Re: Hunt for Kyuubi.    Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:46 pm

His movements continued as he caught up to Rin. He stared at her form when he finally did. “ Hopefully it won’t. “ Aoiro smirked at his own comment. He was of course kidding. His head turned and watched ahead of him as he bounded along.

“ Yes, lets hurry. “
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt for Kyuubi.    Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:30 am

Garus hurried towards the land of rice he had heard that tgere was a tailled beast there though it was just a rumour he overheard at a ramen shop but that was enough for instints that had been driven inyo him the reason he was created basicly was to hunt tailed beasts so garus charged ahead as fast as he could trying to catch up to the many nin heading to the beast

Garus had been running for a couple hours and he thought that he noticed movment up ahead so he slowed a little to try to stay hidden but he was not very good at that perticular aspect of being a ninja so he would probly be seen so instead garus just sped up to get to them faster.

As he got closer he thought he recognised one of them but the other the male garus had no clue who that was but garus had to let them know he was comming so they didnt just attack him so he raised up some of his chakra to make it easy to feel as if he was saying " here i am im coming wait up for me"
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt for Kyuubi.    

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Hunt for Kyuubi.
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